The Cleancar Detailing Academy 

With over 20 years experience in the Automotive industry, make Cleancar your 1st choice for all your detailing training needs

Package 1: 
Cleancar 'Level Up' Package

This package is designed for home detailing enthusiasts, and we show you how to get the best possible results from using easily available products which can be purchased from your local detailing supply store or Auto-Factors. When you have completed this 1 day course, you will have the knowledge on how to safely deep clean and decontaminate your cars exterior, and also learn how to achieve the best finish possible by hand, and how to lock in and protect that finish. 

In this course we cover the following;

·         Safe washing technique

·         Safe wheel cleaning

·         Decontaminating paintwork (De-ironizing, detarring, claying)

·         Polishing (different types of polishes, differences between polishes and waxes)

·         Waxing and sealing (ceramic discussed but not demonstrated)

·         Dressing tyres and trim

·         Effective glass cleaning

Course Duration: 1 day, 10am-5pm 
Min/Max numbers: Min 1 person, Max 10 people
Course Cost: Depends on numbers. Contact us with numbers for a quote  

Advanced Machine Polishing, Defect Removal and Ceramic Coating


This course is designed for the more experienced detailer who is already comfortable using a machine polisher and has a basic understanding of machine polishing and its effects on paintwork.

This course covers;

  • Identifying defects
  • Accessing if defects are 1) Repairable 2) Improvable 3) Better left alone
  • Techniques to repair and improve defects
  • Orange peel removal
  • Techniques for using on paint that doesn’t have much depth
  • Paint prep for ceramic coating
  • Ceramic coating demonstration on paintwork, wheels, glass and trim

Course duration: 2 days, 10am – 5pm

Min/Max numbers: Min 1 person, Max 4 people

Course Cost – depends on numbers, please contact us with numbers for a price

Our Background Experience 

Way back in 1999 in a bodyshop in Wexford town, I was handed a machine polisher and a 5kg tub of G3 compound for the 1st time and told to polish out a few random paint runs from a freshly painted car. It was a baptism of fire, but against all the odds, I managed to remove the paint runs without burning through the paint. 
This is where the fascination with perfecting paintwork started.

There were no training courses or 'How to' videos on Youtube and there were very few people at home or abroad that were cleaning cars to the level that I was aiming for. This meant a lot of self-learning, trial and error, and product and equipment testing along the way.

I have seen the Irish detailing industry grow from non-existent to now being a thriving and growing industry, with new detailers popping up in towns and villages all over the country in the past few years.  

Our Aim 

One of the biggest challenges facing someone that wants to come into the detailing industry in Ireland is a lack of training courses. YouTube can be fantastic for picking up tips and tricks but nothing beats real-world experience and being thought the trade on actual cars and body panels. 

From January 2020, we will be offering training courses to cater for everyone from the person that cleans their car on a Sunday afternoon and just wants to up their game, right up to the person who wants to cover all the bases from paint prep, machine polishing, sanding, coatings and interior detailing. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and we can tailor a course to suit your requirements. 

Package 2:
Machine Polishing Intro Course  

This course is designed to introduce you to the various different types of machine polishers and the various techniques you can use with these polishers to improve the appearance of your own car or your customers’ car. 
Please note that we do not cover the basics of prepping the car in this course. In order to get the most from the day, it is advised that you already have a good knowledge of washing/claying/paint prep before enrolling on this course. If you do not have the current knowledge on these topics, we would strongly advise you to enrol on our 'Level Up' beginner course first. 

We cover the following;

·         Dual Action polisher intro

·         Forced Rotation polisher intro

·         Rotary polisher intro

·         Prepping paint for polishing

·         Measuring paint before polishing

·         Compound/polish use

·         Choosing the right pad

·         Polishing Techniques

Course Duration – 1 day, 10am – 5pm

Min/Max numbers – Min 1 person, Max 6 people

Course Cost – Depends on numbers, please contact us with numbers for a price